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Snack Game using Turtle

Creating a snack game using the Python Turtle module can be a fun project. This game will involve controlling a snake that moves around the screen, eating snacks (food) to grow longer. Here’s a basic implementation of the game:

Snack Game using Turtle

Install Python Turtle: Ensure you have Python installed. The Turtle module comes with Python's standard library, so you don't need to install anything extra.

1 . Create the Game:

  • Set up the screen.
  • Create the snake.
  • Define the food.
  • Control the snake.
  • Detect collisions with food and borders.

Here's a step-by-step code to create a simple snack (snake) game:


  • Screen Setup: Creates a window for the game with a black background.
  • Snake Head: Represents the head of the snake.
  • Food: Represents the food the snake eats.
  • Move Function: Handles the movement of the snake.
  • Keyboard Bindings: Maps the keys to control the snake.
  • Collision Detection: Checks for collisions with the screen borders and food, handling the growth of the snake and the end of the game if it hits the borders.

Feel free to modify and expand this game to add more features or improve the graphics. Have fun coding!

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